June 30th, 2013Nonchalant Chennai Autos

Auto drivers not only fleece the public but also affect the flow of traffic either by parking wherever they want to or by moving slowly looking for victims(passengers).

Public parking, Narrow bridge, careless motorists, unusable platforms, heavy traffic and women, children and elderly people as pedestrians is the worst mix you can imagine. But a careful motorist has to be more careful. Any mishap, he will be lynched even if it is not his fault! That is Chennai!!

This is Karaneewsarar Pagoda street in Mylapore. Road space is occupied permanently by these vehicles so much so that road laying work is always partial. Platform is not available to the pedestrians. Some part of the platform is occupied by vehicles by considerate(!) owners who don’t want to occupy road space!!

May 9th, 2011Traffic Jam by Law!

February 16th, 2011A testing road of Chennai

The parked vehicles on public roads reduce the width of a broad road. Consequently even a two wheeler has only so much space to zig zag through!

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