My friend entered office totally shaken. Just 10 minutes back she witnessed an accident involving a young student and a bus. First reaction – ‘blame the bus’! But the fault was with the girl.

The girl on a two wheeler cut across the road diagonally in the path of the bus and was hit by it but not run over. Then how did she die?

She was wearing a helmet! Then how did she die?

She was not wearing the strap of the helmet. The bus hit her and she fell down. Her head hit the road as the helmet flew off in the impact of the bus.

Crossing the road recklessly and not strapping the helmet properly has resulted in loss of a young life on an auspicious day(Pongal/Shankaranthi).

My friend witnessed something else and was appreciative. The traffic policeman nearby borrowed a cloth from one of the passengers and covered the girl as her blouse was torn in the accident.

But my reaction was it is the traffic policeman’s fault that she died. If only the traffic police had regularly implemented the road rules and booked any offender this wouldn’t have happened. Neither reckless crossing nor helmet for rule sake would have happened. The girl would be alive now.

I feel I am cynical, or am I?