The above picture taken in front of Charminar, Hyderabad is an accident. The cyclist in the photo was not in the original frame but came in when I clicked. Just zooming through, intersecting oncoming autos and nothing happened except for my heart. Then I found that this is how everyone behaves on road there. You don’t have to stop for anyone. You just go and others go around you. But then I saw a fight between a biker and an auto driver because of some brushing while on the way to Secunderabad. pBy the way the autos there don’t use meters but are very reasonable. I should say cheap compared to Chennai. Then autos at any other place is cheaper than at Chennai. Still the autos are looked at as underdogs by some here!pAnyways after a few days in Secunderabad and Hyderabad I thought I am going overboard with the situation in Chennai. Chennai traffic is faaaar better comparatively.