Every one blame the riders/drivers for their unconcerned, irresponsible behaviour and deservedly too. But there are times when I used to wonder whether the authorities are also so. Both deserve each other.

The NO U-turns marked by traffic police sometimes deserve overlooking like the one infront of Arihant Towers on 100 ft road because the rider has to go all the way to Poonamallee high road junction to take a turn. The Metro rail project in process now makes things worse.

The brindavan road junction in the above photograph usually has the sign for No Right turn and now an extra sign with words also. But that is a bus route! And it is usual for buses and others to overlook that sign and sometimes the traffic police posted there help in that!! What that sign means is you have to take a left into Thambiah Road, then a right into Jubilee Road, then a right at the Arya Gowda Road and turn right into the Brindavan Road extension to reach the above junction again to take a legal turn!!!

Then there are bus stops immediately before/after a signal, fly overs and junctions. Of course every one knows about the roads, lights, signals.

I told an audience of young minds in a college that each one has to look out for themselves as neither the authorities nor other riders/drivers care about any one else at all. It is not surprising for the government ‘machinery’ to be heartless but how is it that the people on machines are also so!!!