One thing I found irritating and comical while watching movies in my younger days was the rape scene. Remember, the villain chasing the heroine, tearing her blouse, pulling on her saree, and…………trying to kiss her on her lips!!!!!! Kiss her lips….! The girl turning her face away, villain trying, girl turning her face, villain trying and losing grip in that excitement, girl running away, villain catching her again, trying to kiss her lips…….! Though I was young I knew that the thing is a waste of time. Even our hero of those days is not allowed to kiss the heroine unless there is a convenient bush around! Then what chance a villain has that too with an unwilling girl. Total waste of time which allows the hero to enter the scene and thrash the villain and get on with the group photo like climax.

Nearly everyday I am reminded of that scene when I pass through Duraisamy subway. Experienced and wise drivers know that it is best to have more left turns in their route and if not plan that way. Left turns normally do not affect the flow of traffic. Right turns cut through the traffic as we follow ‘Keep Left’ policy. Though I have seen U-turns(grrr..) in the subway the right turns from and into the subway immediately at the entrance which holds up the traffic, heats up the atmosphere and generally sets up the bad mood we need to be in while entering office!subway entries

Two wheelers and autos do have the way to enter or exit using left turn in this subway. Those who want to go to the Rameswaram street side from the subway can take a left  U-turn from the subway, go straight for about 100 meters and take another U-turn, instead of cutting across traffic coming behind and into the subway. Similarly those who want to enter the subway from Thanjavur street can take a right turn at the street junction and go straight for about 40 meters and take the left U-turn and go straight for about 100 meters to take a left U-turn into the subway instead of cutting across traffic coming from and going into the subway. Bigger vehicles cannot avail that U-turn as it is narrow and have to cut across the traffic. But why can’t they do it about 25 meters from the entrance of the subway.RT outof subway

Not only the autos and two wheelers enter or exit using right turn but even the pedestrians tend to cross at the entrance of the subway!!RT into subway

Do you remember the scene now?! Hope you can think like me and get the connection 🙂