This is not new. It has been said in this blog many times before. This blog even has a post on the proper way to select helmet and also wearing it. Of course I am sure it is not needed. Papers talk about it. Police talk about it. Doctors talk about it. Victims talk about it. But many don’t seem to listen. Many find it as a verbal diarrhea of persons with lack of hair instead of lock of hair! Many of those who wear it do so to escape police and not injury. Then what prompted me to make this post. Just an item I saw in the Times of India yesterday on cause of epilepsy.

“Survivors of traumatic brain injuries face an extra hurdle as they recover. Thousands of them will develop post-traumatic seizures(PTS) months or years later. Many children and adults suffer serious brain injuries every year from car or bike crashes, falls, wounds and other trauma. Whereas only a small minority has seizures soon after injury, majority do not have seizures until at several months and sometimes even years after the injury”.

So says the report that goes on to talk about traumas and ends with this exhortation. “Brain injury, a common cause of epilepsy, is totally preventable, so proactive intervention is very important. Always wear your seat belt in the car and reduce the risk of brain injury by wearing helmets while riding a bike and during risky activities;this can help lessen the chance of developing epilepsy. Following traffic rules, not using mobile phones while driving and no drinking and driving can help reduce brain injuries and thereby prevent PTS”.

Those who are interested can read a report in the latest edition of India Today. The report can be read at this link ‘’. There is an article in the current edition of Readers Digest talk of the need to educate the drivers.

Is anyone listening???!!!