Traffic sense, road sense, sense of safety, following rules or common sense;whatever you call it there is no escape of a sense of deja-vu when you talk/think of our traffic and road users. The saddest part is no one seem to feel that what they are doing is wrong. Or everyone like to follow the majority. Or most of them think that they have the most urgent need for riding/driving. Or they want to kill or be killed.

While people want to take only the shortest and quickest way to their destination ignoring Red Signal, No U-turns, No Free Left turns, No Right turns, No Entry, Pedestrians and so on our Corporation is also not far behind. Laying of roads is done rarely in a scientific or systematic way resulting in roads with a war zone look after rains, big or small. Agreed that our country is labour intensive and using machines will deprive our own needy of a square meal. But why no one is worried about quality? Even unskilled labour can be taught of the need for quality. But why is it not done? Is it because our Corporation is not capable of doing work of quality or because good quality work will result in drying up of new tenders and connected things?!

Everyone know the answers but all are scared to question. Instead they also do the same thing if and when they get the chance. Looks like a vicious circle!