Public parking

This is how our people combat parking problems! What if it eats up the space for others to ride/drive. But they will have ‘No Parking’ sign in front of their gates!

The following is a letter I wrote to the news papers about this.

It is nothing new for our people to jump over poodles, evade pestering vendors, avoid being electrocuted by exposed wirings, etc. Added to the list is haphazard parking because of too many vehicles, carrying too few people, looking for space which is scarce! It is so easy to get the cars with ever willing banks lending a hand, literally. This parking menace is not only affecting people in shopping areas but also in residential areas. Already people are forced to walk on road because of lack of pavements, which, if they exist are taken over by casual labourers or cars, once again. The parked cars on roads, not only reduce the width of the roads but also force the people to walk in the middle of the road which is already treated as disputed area by motorists. Now with the introduction of nano cars it is possible that the problem will be further compounded. So everyone may finally end up walking as there will be no space to drive! It is high time that the authorities demand for the ‘availability of parking space within the premises’ certificate. Or the government can charge a hefty sum as parking fee from those people who use the public space as parking area. At least this will force people to realise that the ‘roads are not their ancestors’ property’ as the old adage goes!

I hope I made myself clear!