December 1st, 2012Unused platforms

In Chennai platforms are hard to come by. They are the ones to be reduced or removed in road widening drive. Even if they are available encroaching will take care that pedestrians cannot use them. Maybe that is the reason the pedestrians use only roads even where unencroached platforms are available!!

December 1st, 2012Zig Zag Zoom

Attitude of these young bikers seem to be ‘catch me if you can’!

December 1st, 2012Gemini flyover

A busy junction where most of the time traffic signals are respected only due to the presence of Traffic Police. Sometimes even police can’t control. In all this commotion a woman is on mobile unmindful of the traffic. Maybe a student of Zen!

February 13th, 2012Old wine in new bottle?!

Road conservancy work contract changed from Neel Metal Corporation to Ramky from 1.1.2012. Heard that as per their contract they would clear the garbage at night. But the old story continues. Maybe they are manned by the same workers from Neel Metal?!

December 4th, 2011Where is the common sense?

This is a very narrow street called Kasi viswanathar koil street connecting Gandhi street to Madley subway road, open only for 2 wheelers. It is a natural left turn from Gandhi street while one has to cut through traffic going towards Madley subway to enter from the other end. That end had even a No Entry sign board for some time as the motorists didn’t realise that there is another route also which is just 200m extra. Motorists seem to feel that they should go back through the same route they came out from! They neither gain much in terms of saved distance as well as time. Tension mounts during peak hours.

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