February 13th, 2012Old wine in new bottle?!

Road conservancy work contract changed from Neel Metal Corporation to Ramky from 1.1.2012. Heard that as per their contract they would clear the garbage at night. But the old story continues. Maybe they are manned by the same workers from Neel Metal?!

December 4th, 2011Where is the common sense?

This is a very narrow street called Kasi viswanathar koil street connecting Gandhi street to Madley subway road, open only for 2 wheelers. It is a natural left turn from Gandhi street while one has to cut through traffic going towards Madley subway to enter from the other end. That end had even a No Entry sign board for some time as the motorists didn’t realise that there is another route also which is just 200m extra. Motorists seem to feel that they should go back through the same route they came out from! They neither gain much in terms of saved distance as well as time. Tension mounts during peak hours.

November 30th, 2011Chennai littering problem

In Chennai it is normal to see over-flowing dust bin and clean dusbin with litter all around. Some search for bin, some don’t. But everything affects traffic, in a way!

November 30th, 2011Beware of wrong way traffic!

Nonchalant motorists, not just bikes, coming the wrong way that too at a high speed is normal sight. Beware!

Public parking, Narrow bridge, careless motorists, unusable platforms, heavy traffic and women, children and elderly people as pedestrians is the worst mix you can imagine. But a careful motorist has to be more careful. Any mishap, he will be lynched even if it is not his fault! That is Chennai!!

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