My mediclaim agent visited me today for the annual renewal. He had two strips of plaster stuck to his face in an unusual way. Both began around his right ear area and ended near nose/mouth in a ‘v’ formation. As you all know traffic and accident take most of my thoughts(don’t let my wife know!) I enquired him about this. What he said was a stunner, at least for me. It was not an accident. It seems he was using blue-tooth headset for the past 6 years, most of the time 12 hours daily(!). Due to this his ear got infected and ended in nervous weakness around the right cheek area. The strips are there to stop deformation of that area. Now he is under medication and undergoing physiotherapy daily.

These are the facts as narrated to me. I am not going to draw conclusions for you. But beware!

Originally I finished at this point. But today(6th March 2008) I was talking to my friend about this. He immediately perked up and narrated another scary thing! His cousin suddenly suffered from facial paralysis just one month before her marriage. Doctors couldn’t explain the cause. But one of them said that this may be work-related! She is working at a CALL CENTER. But the in-laws understood and the marriage is just postponed by one month. A beautiful girl now being given shock treatment as part of the therapy has a face full of boils.

By the way, before any one start cursing the in-laws I got clarification on one thing. They didn’t want her to work. It was her wish to go to work at least till marriage.