March 18th, 2011Chennai – Bus Day

November 24th, 2008Chennai Life Once again

I went on air through Chennai Life FM once again(!) on our favourite topic ‘killer roads of chennai’. Nowadays every one seem to be taking great interest in our roads;if only people who can do really some thing also do so!

Actually I was called on phone to answer a couple of questions on traffic in chennai a few months back which featured Shri Traffic Ramasamy, a news paper reporter and Shri Sunil Kumar, Traffic commissioner. Listening to his interview in that programme spurred me on to have a page devoted to accidents in chennai in my web page. A person with a good heart and ideas but, as they say,  with bad masters!

Political will is the need of the hour but that seems like a far fetched dream in this age of ‘vote banks’.

By the way today also he came on air and replied to questions posed by Bhavana(who referred to me only as ‘GANESHAN’ than ganesh though I corrected her once – then What is in a name…)  the hostess of the show and sounded optimistic. He did not say anything about the CCTP website that should have been rolled out in August itself.  One thing is certain. If you listen to government officials for some time you are sure to become cynical.

One surprising call received in the show was complaining about footpaths provided in a street which hinder vehicle movement! Either the street is narrow and foot paths on both sides make it narrower or the street is wide and the foot paths are also so with the same result. There is one other possibility and that is ‘public parking’ by the residents of the street or parking by people coming to commercial establishments nearby. Of course it is also possible that the street may be a short cut to some busy road coupled with heavy vehicle movement.

Now there is a statistics that says that 3/4ths of accidents happen due to traffic congestion and only the rest are due to violation of rules!

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