These are common sight on road which break a myth that women drivers follow rules and drive safely!

February 16th, 2011Chennai style of wearing helmet

October 17th, 2010Give them an inch…

I couldn’t stop myself from making this post. For the past few months I was under the impression photos and videos tell a better story than words!

The way our people take life for granted… Problem is they take the life of others also for granted! Less number of law enforcers, less enforcers among them add to this deadly mix.
Though the helmet wearing is compulsory for their own sake many of the motorists wear it only to escape paying 100 rupees legally or 10/20/25 or even 5 rupees illegally!
1. They wear just a visor with headband.
2. They wear miners’ helmet made of plastic.
3. They wear cheap helmets with no ISI mark. Once my friend saw with her own eyes a person who survived a water tanker which ran over his head(only one wheel) because of the helmet. But the helmet did not break as it should but his head got jammed inside!
4. They buy a helmet only to chain it safely to their bike.
5. Some keep it on their petrol tank to put it on quickly in case a TC is spotted.
7. Some give it to their pillion rider to wear(!).
8. Some put it on their child’s head!
9. Some secure it behind in such a way as to cover the number plate.
10. Even those who wear a proper helmet do not put on the buckle, which is as good as not wearing it.
They may give any number of reasons for not wearing it but there is only one reason for wearing it. Protection to their life.
Statistics say that most of the families of accident victims, whether fatal or resulting in loss of earning capacity, end up below poverty line or near abouts. Still people see statistics only as numbers and not as lives of people, just like them!

But the reason for this post is not helmet but cellphone. Speaking on cell phone is also an offense but again the second and third paragraphs at the beginning apply here.
1. Some speak openly(one more reason for not wearing helmet)
2. Some insert the phone inside their helmet(a loose helmet results in neck pain)
3. Some use blue tooth headset.
4. Some use wired head phones.
5. Some use wired helmets!
6. Some let the pillion rider place the mobile near the ear.
7. Few of those who stop their bike to attend to phone do not bother about the place they are stopping. Some in the middle of the traffic, some on the side of a narrow subway/over bridge!

But nowadays you can see motorists not only attending calls but also making calls! Yes. They punch in the numbers and make the call. You can also see them reading SMSs. Probably I missed them writing and sending SMSs! All on the go…

Maybe they will call it multi-tasking! But I am reminded of the saying, with a little twist ‘ give them an inch they will take the road’.

July 20th, 2010Some more helmets

Auto has no RTO information. The rider has an extra helmet which is unusual in the midst of motorists wearing helmets just to avoid ‘harassment’ by traffic police!

The helmet covers the number plate instead of the rider’s head!

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