December 31st, 2009Overtaking on flyovers

The video was taken on north usman road flyover and you can hear my horn expressing my anger. The way these motorists, particularly two wheelers, behave is disgusting to say the least. Not bothered about road rules, not bothered about traffic coming from opposite side, not bothered about either the shock or the delay their actions invariably cause to other motorists who try to follow the rules. The police are also not bothered to pull up these motorists as long as accidents do not happen in their beat. Prevention is better than cure is unknown both to these motorists as well as to the authorities. What better ingredient to disaster!

January 28th, 2008Drunken Driving

I received a forwarded email in July 2007. Originated by MADD(Mothers Against Drunken Drivers), Dallas, Texas. A message which moved me so much that I translated in Tamil and recorded it in a suitable manner and played it in my programme on FM Rainbow, Chennai.

Click here for the audio.

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