January 1st, 2011Tale of a manhole

There is a saying I read when I was in my teens which I still remember! It goes like this. “Why don’t you have time to do a thing right the first time, but always time to do it over!” In the above case it is time, money or both and the users, we, are the losers.

There were a few news items recently or should I say few deaths reported in the news papers recently which are not just news or deaths but lessons.

1. Two youngsters going on a bike dashed against a stationary lorry while trying to negotiate a pothole and the rider died and the pillion rider is serious.

2. Two youngsters going on a bike dashed against a lamp post which is positioned dangerously on the curve they were taking. The rider died.

3. A 23 year old woman/wife/mother died when a MTC bus dashed the bike she was riding with her husband and one year old child. All of them fell down and dragged for a distance. The woman riding as a pillion rider who suffered fatal injuries.

4. A 4 year old girl died while playing by a lorry backing up. Read the rest of this entry »

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