This is the water logging in front of our house. It occurs after even a small rain. The drainage is on the opposite side which is marked with ‘x’ but the slope is given towards our side! Everytime the road is relaid in the same way even if pointed out the logic. Only once, few years back,  they tried to correct when a complaint was made in the Indian Express ‘Action Please’. After that it is back to square one.

The raise given to the right side of the drainage point only favours car(s) going in and out of the opposite compound rather than draining of rain water. Some workers from the corporation, ’employed privately’, tried to raise the left side and  cover the drainage opening also but stopped after objection was raised by us.

The purpose of this post is not to highlight the problem faced by us. We are used to it and I am even thinking of constructing a RWH structure inside our compound and divert that water to it.

This shows the way our Corporation works! This shows that plans are only on paper and money power is what executes the plan, sometimes literally. Money power and political power complement each other and those who have neither only watch from the side lines waiting for elections, not to try to elect good(!) candidates but get their ’30 silvers’ for closing their eyes for the next five years.

Moral of the story is don’t blame anyone else for your plight. Walk/ride/drive carefully!

November 30th, 2008Blame game

Most of our RWH structures are namesake structures which will not hold water. Set up to fool the government knowing well that there will not be any inspection and even if there is one it is easy to get approval otherwise.
We find it a difficult task to segregate wastes into organic and non-organic as the corporation wanted us to do and here too the short comings are not followed up on.
It is easy for us to dispose our waste including plastic covers into storm water drains as rains in Chennai are a rare occurrence!
Come a little rain…our compound floods due to namesake RWH structure…we direct the RWH tubes towards the street…street floods…we break the storm water drain cover to direct the floods…they are blocked by our own waste thrown earlier…street floods…EB cuts off electricity…our movement, day to day activities curtailed…cremations postponed…sick left to their fate…
Let us see the positives…we and our children got genuine excuse to avoid office/school…we got more time to interact as there was no TV…not many vehicles on road so less pollution…

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