July 26th, 2011Traffic violation Fines

The facebook page of Chennai City Traffic Police gives out all the fines we have to pay in case of violation.


July 24th, 2011Unconcerned Chennai auto

Give a small gap. Our Chennai auto will whistle through that. Unconcerned!

These are common sight on road which break a myth that women drivers follow rules and drive safely!

June 30th, 2011I want to cry

A friend of mine died today. Two wheeler accident. Was he wearing a helmet? I don’t know. But he died because of the lorry involved ran over his midriff. Wife and only daughter shattered. Is anyone to blame? Should the blame game be started at this hour of grief? What is the use of blaming anyone? A dead person, a dead father, a dead husband, a dead son will not come to life.
He is one who believed in speed. Restless even on road. Rash driving is ok for him as long as he reaches his destination. 150CC bike was his vehicle. His vehicle of doom. A dead person knows no pain. But not the living relatives, wife, daughter…
Did he expect this? Did he want to die like this? Did he want to leave his family like this? Can anyone console his family?
His wife and daughter were always scared of sitting behind him because of his rash driving. But even that did not change him. Accidents followed him but did not deter him. He never blamed his speed. He could not reduce his speed for anything. He wanted all the vehicles to give way for him. But he forgot that he was not the only one to have such an attitude.
If only he had remembered his responsibility as a husband, a father, a son… If only….
Should I cry? I want to… But for whom?

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